Horse N Around Stables

Sherri Richardson, co-owner of Horse N Around Stables, has been living out her dream ever since 1998. Sherri and her husband Jeff have a passion for horses and love sharing that passion with others.

Horse' N Around Stables includes boarding, training, and lessons; however, they specialize in trail riding. They have two locations including the riding stables at Waterloo and in Pinckney. In 2017, the Horse N Around Stables will be adding gaited horse trail rides. Both stables are located on the east side of Jackson, close to the scenic trails within the Waterloo State Park that are open to the Horse N Around Waterloo Stables in the summer. Horse N Around Stables will do everything in their power to make sure your ride is both fun and safe, because they want riders to fall in love with horses. Horse’ N Around Stables is a great place for a group tour – from picnic rides and kids korrals, to nature rides and historical rides. Waterloo stables has hosted events throughout the year including summer camps, holiday rides, seasonal specials, romantic couple’s rides, and river crossing rides.

Horse N Around Stables has managed one of Michigan’s largest 501c3 horse rescue and sanctuary’s in southern Michigan for four and a half years. 80 % of their horses are surrenders and rescues that have been re-socialized for a second chance at life.


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