Relive Jackson’s storied past in one of its many museums and historic homes.

It’s no secret that Jackson history has played a major role in the development of the region and the state. From the first state prison to what was once the largest stop on the Detroit-to-Chicago rail line, little pieces of Michigan history are waiting to be uncovered within the city’s museums and historic homes.

A Trip Through Time

Step inside one of Jackson’s preserved properties and experience a time before cars, technology, and almost every convenience we now take for granted. Costumed guides lead the way on a tour of the Waterloo Farm Museum and its 10-room farmhouse, while the Dewey School Museum close by paints a picture of a mid-1800s school day. The Mann House and Coe House Museum both provide a snapshot of the late 1800s within striking Victorian exteriors. Stroll through the Ella Sharp Museum and see what several aspects of daily life were like during the Civil War era. In addition to six galleries, this museum feature a 150-year-old log cabin, schoolhouse, doctor’s office, print shop, country store, wood shop and farmhouse.

An Exhibit for Every Interest

Jackson’s museums are as diverse as its history, from Cell Block 7 Michigan’s Prison Museum within an active compound to the Whitetail Hall of Fame Museum’s 50 record buck racks on display. Gaze up at the cosmos under Hurst Planetarium’s 30-foot dome or gaze down at Ye Ole Carriage Shop Auto Museum's seriously sleek display of 60-plus classic cars. Musicians and music lovers will appreciate Conklin Reed Organ & History Museum, where over 100 fully restored antique organs are on display — some dating back over 150 years. Jackson’s newest additions in Grass Lake are the Michigan Military Heritage Museum which recounts the war stories of the average Joe and Jane from Michigan. Then, stop over to the Lost Railway Museum, where they document the history of Jackson’s trains and railways, which once featured one of the busiest stops in the state; the museum is set to open on July 1st 2017.

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