2021 Faster Horses Country Music Festival

Faster Horses is BACK!

After a year off, the party of the summer is back! Fitting two years worth of country music into one weekend is going to be tricky. Luckily, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you boot, scoot, and boogy your way through the weekend safely. 

How to Prepare and What to Pack

  1. Playlists Playlists Playlists!
    • Being the one in about 40,000 people in the crowd who doesn't know the songs is a little awkward. Add a playlist into your rotation that features the artists from the festival so you aren't left out. Check out this playlist Faster Horses created just for the party if the summer! 
    • The party never stops at Faster Horses, have a couple playlists at the ready incase you are asked to take aux at the pregame or after party.
  2. Coordinate with your campsite crew
    • Having three electric grills but nothing to cook on them isn't the best recipe for success. Make sure everyone at you campsite knows what they are responsible for bringing. 
  3. Be comfy at your campsite 
    • Sitting on the ground in the July sun is going to make your beer taste bad. Bring camp or lawn chairs and something to provide shade during the day.
    • Check the weather leading up to the weekend, a battery powered fan and/or raincoat might be necessary.
  4. Snack Smartly 
    • Bring some snack style food to munch on through the day to keep your energy up and something in your belly.
    • Plan meals and food you can cook over the fire. Hotdogs and hobo pies are campsite classics! 
    • Be prepared to splurge on food inside the festival. There will be a lot of food vendors selling sweet and savory bites. Set your budget for the weekend to include enjoying everything the festival has to offer.
  5. Ditch the duffel bag
    • Don't forget that Faster Horses is in Michigan... in July... rain is probably inevitable. Even if the forecast doesn't call for rain, it is a good idea to pack your clothes and other belongings in a plastic tote rather than a duffel bag. This way, if it does rain, your belongings stay dry.
  6. Try to get some shut eye
    • The party lasts all night at Faster Horses, if you are a light sleeper bringing some earplugs to drown out the extra noise will be beneficial.
    • Think you might need a break from campsite fun? Check out this link to see Jackson hotels you can get a good nights sleep and a hot shower in before returning to the festival. 

Arriving at MIS

  1. Check for your Checkpoint 
    • Different campgrounds have different checkpoints where they will check in with security when they arrive. Visit the Faster Horses webite to see your checkpoint.
      • Download the Waze App so you can plug in your specific checkpoint. 
  2. Be patient!
    • Traffic coming into your campgrounds might get a little backed up, so throw on a playlist, relax, and enjoy that air conditioned car while you can. 
  3. Speed up the Set up 
    • Get all the chores done together, right away. You and your crew will relax and enjoy yourselves more if your campsite is complete before you get into the festival festivities.
  4. Be neighborly
    • You never know when you are going to need to borrow a cup of sugar... or an extra drink coozie. Get to know your campsite neighbors so you can keep the party going after each show. 

Getting through the get down

  1. Drink responsibly and stay hydrated
    • No funny tag line for this one. Enjoy the party but keep yourself and others around you safe and healthy.
    • Skip the morning mimosa or brunch bloody mary. Instead try a hydrating mocktail like orange juice and coconut water. 
  2. Be a buddy
    • It is easy to get lost at MIS and the campground. Always have a buddy with you to help you get through the crowds and get to your destinations safely.
  3. To be on time is to be late 
    • Don't get stuck in line or struggle in the back standing on your tip toes trying to get a glimpse of the stage, get there early to get a good spot in the crowd and take in as many performances as you can (without losing your buzz)
    • Get to the shower early. The line can get long and the showers get dirtier as time goes on. 
  4. Beware of your surroundings
    • Take note of what’s around you, don't be scrambling looking for the nearest porta-john or tram stop when you need to be getting to the next show. Check out and download festival maps before arriving! 


And most importantly, have fun and be safe! We guarantee you'll be back for more! 

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