4 Jackson Museums You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Museums often get a bad rap for being stuffy, quiet, and full of things you can’t touch. However, that’s not the case in Jackson, Michigan. Jackson is chock-full of some of the most unique places you will ever go – where else can you explore a real prison without being incarcerated? Uncover the rare and exotic at these four museums:

Cell Block 7

Far from a replica, Cell Block 7 is the real deal! At this one-of-a-kind spot, you’ll explore Michigan’s prison history inside of a fully operational prison. As you view exhibits, you’ll be walking the corridor some of the most notorious criminals once called home.

Lost Railway Museum

This museum takes you back in time to a nearly forgotten mode of transportation, the electric interurban railway. The self-propelled railcar played a major role in the lives of Michiganders from the 1890’s – 1920’s by connecting small towns to larger cities for the first time.

Ye Ole Carriage Shop

This expansive museum was built to pay tribute to Jackson’s automotive history, and it does so by housing the largest collection of Jackson-made autos. In addition, you can see dozens of the most sought after classic cars, a room devoted to Coca-Cola memorabilia, and collections of pedal cars, motorcycles, gas pumps, and so much more.

Conklin Reed Organ & History Museum

Located in the old Hanover High School, the museum houses an impressive collection of more than 100 antique reed organs, all of which are preserved and working. In addition to admiring the organs’ craftsmanship and detail, while there you get the opportunity to see the inside of a building on the National Historic Registry.

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