7 Tips to Help You Find the Best Adventures in Jackson, Michigan

So, you're coming to Jackson, Michigan for a weekend getaway, day trip, business trip or whatever else may bring you to the area. If you're not already, get excited because it's an action-packed destination just waiting for you to discover it! Sometimes exploring a new area can be overwhelming, with so many tourist attractions, you don't know what to do or what you'll enjoy doing. Let us help you alleviate this issue by following these seven tips when experiencing Jackson, Michigan


1. Try Something New

2. Check the Events & Festivals Calendar

  • Before getting to Jackson, take a look at the community calendar to see what's going on while you are here. We've got so much going on, you don't want to miss the opportunity to be part of our many memorable events. Don't forget to check out our featured events too! 

3. Opt for the Best Foodie Finds

  • Why go to a chain restaurant when you can try restaurants that have stood the test of time? We’ve got the inside knowledge of the restaurants locals can’t get enough of. 

4. Stay In-the-Know: Get Your Guide

5. Embrace the Destination

  • Visit iconic locations that are so unique you will only find them in Jackson, Michigan. What's the point of going to a new place if you don't check out what makes it tick?

6. Ask the Locals

  • When you are out and about shopping at local stores, getting a pint at one of our breweries or simply exploring the historic downtown area, stop and talk to a local. Ask them what their recommendations are or what their favorite spot in town is. People who live and breathe the city every day are always your best assets. Don't forget to tap into their knowledge, whether you are in Jackson, Michigan or another city. 

7. Book a Hotel


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