A Day-Long New Years Eve Celebration in Downtown Jackson

New Year's Eve is on a Sunday this year, which provides a wonderful opportunity to explore Downtown Jackson before ringing in the new year at Eve on the Ave. So why not spend the final hours of 2017 exploring this exceptional city that’s booming with historic architecture, restaurants, monuments, and even underground railroad stops?

1920’s Architecture Walking Tour

Unless you are looking for it, you probably haven’t realized that the downtown area is a treasure trove of architecture inspired by the most famous periods in world history, and much of these magnificent works were built during the 1920’s. During this time, Jackson was bustling with the automotive industry, which flooded the economy with wealth allowing for the building boom.

On the 1920’s architecture walking tour you will see buildings adorned with sculptures inspired by the Death Mask Tomb of King Tut, details etched into the city hall building originally found on Doge’s Palace in Venice, interpretations of Mesoamerican art, and so much more.

The Underground Railroad Walking Tour

Just like in the days of slavery, Jackson’s Underground Railroad stops still blend in with their surroundings, and it wasn’t until more recent years that their secrets came to light. Local historian and author, Linda Hass, has uncovered many of these historically significant locations, and created a walking tour for others to enjoy.

Downtown Jackson Walking Tour

Jackson has made a huge impact on the history of our country, starting in the 1800’s, and much of the downtown area was there to bear witness. The downtown walking tour will take you to many of these places that have forever impacted lives, whether you’re a Jacksonian or not. To give you a glimpse, automotive innovations were created here, like the all-electric car horn, and culinary masterpieces were also cooked up right here in Jackson – you have had a coney dog before, right?  

Ring in the New Year at Eve on the Ave

When you are done touring the area, enjoy a relaxing dinner at one of the downtown restaurants before going to the new year’s celebration. Once 10:00pm hits, make your way to Eve on the Ave; the event traditionally takes places on West Michigan Avenue. Under a warming tent you will experience Jackson’s only New York-style celebration. At the stroke of midnight, watch the time-honored tradition of dropping a ball from the top of city hall, as the night sky implodes with the magic of a fireworks display!

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