A French Tourist in Jackson

My name is Manon and I am French. Since I was a teenager, I had always wanted to visit America and learn more about its culture.

Two years ago, I flew to the USA for a two months trip by myself. I planned to visit New-York City, and other states from Michigan to Colorado. I wanted to discover other places and cities, the ones that people do not talk about frequently, the non-tourist ones, places unknown to a French person dreaming about travelling around America.

That's why I picked up Jackson MI, as one of my destinations.

I stayed with a friend I met through a social network called Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing creates a link between travellers and hosts from all around the world. I wanted to meet, stay, and spend time with locals. I experienced craft beer in Jackson, where the places had atmosphere that was absolutely pleasant and friendly. They had a large choice of very good beers. I went to The Chase Sports Bar in Downtown Jackson for a drink and some pizza and enjoyed relaxing while seeing different sports gameson TV screens. I've eaten at AKA sushi which is a great place for Asian food lovers!

My friend took me to Lime Lake for a little swim and we had a picnic in its park. There, you can also go fishing, launch a boat, and there's a playgound for kids. After that, we had a big tasty ice cream at Frosty Boy, an ice-cream place not far from the lake in Spring Arbor.

I've also been to see the beautiful Jackson Railroad Station and its mural. Built in 1872, this station is part of The National Register of Historic Places since 2002.

One can also enjoy the Historic Prison Tours in Jackson, visiting two historic prisons which are the Michigan's First State Prison and the World's Largest Walled Prison and hear about what their stories have to teach us.

By walking around Downtown Jackson, I randomly entered the Antique store that sold baseball and other famous sports teams' jackets, caps and accessories. I liked its old fashioned atmosphere and I stayed there a while, talking to the friendly owner. I gave her a photograph of the city where I live in France and she gave me a American-flag-decorated cap in return.

--Written By Manon Glauser

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