A Guide to Biking in Jackson County

I believe it is important for everyone to have something that takes them away from their day-to-day life. For me, this is biking and preferably mountain biking. This hobby started over five years ago when I had my first adult bike purchased for me as a birthday gift at On Two Wheels here in Jackson.

Previously, living in the city of Jackson, I would often travel from my home on Morrell Street to Ella Sharp Park where there are 10 miles of singletrack awaiting within the woods. If I was looking for longer mileage for an upcoming race or just a nice flat trail, I would find myself leaving home and heading down the Intercity Trail to connect with our Falling Waters Trail. 

The Ella Sharp Park trails offer a mixture of short, flowy trails for beginners, while also offering steep and winding climbs for an advanced rider. There are posted signs to help with identification of the trails within the park, just be careful of hikers and other cyclists.

We recommend riding with a helmet, no headphones and when someone yells “On your left”, please move to the right side of the trail when it is safe to do so, to  allow the other cyclists to pass. The Falling Waters Trail offers a nice paved trail to cyclists of all ages an opportunity to take in wildlife, sunshine, a quick swim, and nature in all four seasons. You can even travel between towns to Concord, to grab a bite to eat at the Cadet Tavern and then travel back working off those skull skins (breadsticks and cheese, you have to try them).

Overall, Jackson has offered and continues to offer many opportunities for me to escape from my day-to-day life and get back to nature while doing something I love. I highly recommend you check out the miles of trails Jackson has to offer, both on paved and unpaved trails. If you are nervous and need some encouragement, check out the Cascades Cycling Club, as they have many opportunities that gather cyclists of all ages and levels to ride with. With the available options to purchase or even rent bicycles, the time is now to check out biking within Jackson County and let your inner child feel the summer breeze.

Written by Jennifer Miller

Trail Enthusiast 

Account Manager for Doc Network

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