#ArtsInJackson Day is Back this Year!

After a hiatus, the Arts & Cultural Alliance of Jackson County (ACAJC) is bringing back a day for Jackson-area artists, performers, and creatives to promote arts and culture in Jackson County.

Arts In Jackson Day will take place Sunday, Oct. 25, in conjunction with International Artists Day. ACAJC encourages Jackson County artists to promote themselves, their work, and their businesses on social media using the hashtag #artsinjackson throughout the day.

“Now more than ever, local artists need help to promote and sell their work,” says Lori Gordon, chair of ACAJC. “As the arts and cultural organization in the county, we want to bring back Arts In Jackson Day to help them show their work.”

Throughout the day, artists, musicians, and cultural professionals in Jackson County are encouraged to:

  • Share images of their work
  • Post videos of their performances
  • Post information on artwork sales
  • Spread the word about other creatives they know
  • Promote “pandemic projects,” or work created during shelter-in-place

By using the hashtag #artsinjackson, ACAJC will repost or retweet their social media messages to other artists and creatives. For those who do not use social media, ACAJC recommends artists use their other promotional means to spread the word – including email and websites.  

During the day, ACAJC will also advocate for arts and culture to local elected officials, media representatives, and business leaders in Jackson County.

“The arts create jobs, contribute tax dollars to local government, and make the community a more enjoyable, livable place. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, many arts and cultural organizations are struggling,” Gordon says. “During Arts In Jackson Day, we encourage everyone in the county to support their local artists and cultural organizations.”

To participate, follow ACAJC on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and use the hashtag #artsinjackson during the October 25 activities.

Published 10/14/20

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