Chicago-Based Indie Band Fort Frances Adds Jackson to the Reasons Why Michigan Is So Awesome list

David from Fort Frances here — we are so excited to head your way for a show at The Wax on Saturday, April 23. One of our favorite memories as a band includes our show last fall down the road in Ann Arbor at The Blind Pig, so we’re looking forward to adding Jackson to the “Reasons Why Michigan Is So Awesome” list. We’ve never been to Jackson, but we’ve heard the Grand River Brewery is a must-visit spot. We’re all craft beer lovers, so this recommendation seems right on point!

Because the Internet is a crowded place full of many bands, you can consider this our official way of saying hello and shaking your hand through the screen. We call Chicago home, and we just finished making a new record with our dear friend Sam Kassirer, who has also produced tremendous albums from Josh Ritter, Langhorne Slim and Lake Street Dive. We recorded it at a farmhouse in the hills of eastern Maine. You can check out one of the singles right HERE. To help you get an even better sense of what you’ll hear on the 23rd, you can download a free sampler of more songs HERE. It includes three of our own tunes and “Ripple”, one of our favorite Grateful Dead classics.

The new record is called “Alio”, which is Lithuanian for hello. On the surface, this may seem strange. None of us are from Lithuania. However, we did get the amazing opportunity to perform in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, last summer. The experience was so rewarding and played such a big role in the direction of the band that we decided to honor Eastern Europe in the title.

I know there are plenty of places you can be on a spring Saturday evening, but you should make plans to come make some music with us at The Wax, aka Jackson Symphony Orchestra Weatherwax Hall. There will be dancing. There will be laughing. There will be singalongs. Great times will be had, this much I can promise. So put the date in your calendars, tell your friends and let’s make this an evening to remember in Michigan. Maybe we’ll even see you at Grand River before the show.

Do you have other recommendations of what we should see, eat, drink and do while we’re in Jackson? Send us an email — we’d love to hear from you!


David, Jeff and Aaron

Click here to add Fort Frances at The Wax to your calendar Saturday April 23 at 8 pm.

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