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As long-time besties, we’ve had years to create holiday memories. We come from different families, but like many, we share a lot of common traditions. While reminiscing about what has made past holidays special for us, nothing tangible was at the center of our stories. We both remember the fragrant smell of candied almonds as we made our way through Jackson Crossing. Savanah remembers playing flag football on Thanksgiving with her army of cousins. In her mind, that game was bigger than Michigan vs. Ohio State. I can’t shake the feeling of falling snow melting on my cheeks as I zoomed past my little brother on the hill at Cascades. And no matter how Savanah sounds, we unabashedly sing carols with our friends in awe of the twinkly Nite Lites display.

Looking back, we remember those smells and feelings and songs more than any gift we’ve ever opened.

At epIQ escapes, we believe memories are more valuable than material items. Forbes agrees, in their article, “The secret to happiness? Spend money on experiences, not things” they tell us that “the thrill of purchasing things fades away quickly, but the joy and memories of experiences, from epic adventures to minute encounters, can last a lifetime.” So, this holiday season, we challenge you to create memories, not add to the clutter.

epIQ escapes, open since 2015, has immersive, interactive scenarios that require participants to work together to solve puzzles, complete thrilling challenges, and escape alternate realities.  Escape rooms are a great way to spend uninterrupted quality time with friends, coworkers, or loved ones. And that’s exactly why we disregarded the myth that a business like ours could only survive in a big city. In a labor of love, we opened Michigan’s fourth escape room company right here in Jackson! It started as a crazy idea to bring something cool to our town but has grown into something great. epIQ escapes has risen to be ranked as one of the top 3 escape rooms in the entire state, according to TripAdvisor. 

If you’re looking give the PERFECT gift. Give the gift of an experience! Share the memory of being a contestant on a game show, navigating treacherous waters on a pirate ship, or tracking down a serial killer. Purchase a gift certificate or learn more at our website: Or follow us on Facebook for news and to catch our sales!

--Written By: Shane Stephens & Savanah Sheets

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