Downtown Jackson Michigan Welcomes Swedish Folk Singer, Sofia Talvik

Jackson Michigan is the destination for great internationally touring indie bands and singer/songwriters. If that statement feels foreign to you, it shouldn’t be. With Jackson’s strategic location between Detroit and Chicago, we have long been a stop for touring bands and musicians. Jackson Symphony Orchestra’s Steve Trosin has been instrumental in bringing great music back to Jackson for the Affinity Series at the downtown concert hall of the JSO also known as The Wax or Weatherwax Hall.

This month, Sofia Talvik, a rising star from Sweden, will be bringing her unique take on folk-pop to Downtown Jackson’s Weatherwax Hall on September 11th, 2015. You do not want to miss this hauntingly beautiful voice in this beautiful downtown venue. Last year, according to Brad Flory, another Swedish band called Baskery proclaimed ""Support your concert hall. It's a luxury to have one!""

Sofia has toured the US several times from her first success at the Lollapalooza festival in 2008 to being invited to officially showcase at SXSW for 3 years as well as to The Folk Alliance International Conference in 2012. This time around she is touring to support her 6th studio album “Big Sky Country.” The album has been getting rave reviews being described as “a real work of art,” from Tune Reviews. She is described by NoDepression as, “A singer/songwriter who is able to evoke the essence of Laurel Canyon circa the ‘60s,” making her a modern day incarnation of Joni Mitchell.

When: Friday, Sept. 11 Doors Open At 7:30PM

Where: The Wax, 215 W. Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI 49201

Price: $15 in advance/$18 at the door. Click here to purchase your tickets.

Get to know Sofia Talvik a little better in this interview:

When and how did you first become interested in music?

I’ve always loved music and my mom used to sing for me when I was little. I grew up listening to jazz and 60’s music which my dad likes but then I developed my own taste which is more folky. I played the piano from when I was 8 years old, but not until I was 18 I started playing the guitar, singing and writing songs.

Who are your musical influences?

Life in general. I think most artists write about their own experiences in one way or another. My songs are usually about a lot of different stuff and I put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, but every once in a while there is a real story that actually happened from start to end. I listen to a lot of American artists like Jason Isbell, Neko Case and I always love me some Glen Campbell. Good lyrics are important to me, so I listen for that.

What do you like to do for fun besides play music? What do like to do on your day off?

If I have a day off on tour I like to see if there are any local sites that I can visit, or any great nature areas where I can go hiking or swimming. If I’m back home in my apartment I like to just relax, read and cook elaborate meals for me and my husband.

What is the biggest cultural difference between the U.S. and Sweden that you've had to get used to?

That everyone here always wants to ask you what route you took or give you directions. Americans love to talk about roads and can talk in length about traffic and shortcuts. I use a GPS so I that will usually take me where I need to go, haha.

What is the most unique venue you’ve played?

I just played an amazing place in Wilmington, NC called Walkerworld Organic Artist retreat. This guy Allen Walker built the whole place from old scrap wood, old pianos, church windows and whatever he could find. It is on the Cape Fear River and we went out boating the day after the concert. It was just amazing and the audience was great!

Photo by Rich Dolinger

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue music as a career?

Don’t wait. Don’t wait for stuff to happen or for people to help you or discover you. Just get on and do all the stuff you want to do. Find ways to do it. There are always ways if you just think about it. Don’t be afraid!

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