Embark on a Journey Through Transportation History

Embrace your love of railways, transportation, and history at the Lost Railway Museum in Grass Lake!

The Lost Railway Museum in Grass Lake is set to open in the next few months. This unique museum will feature the evolution of transportation, starting with the horse and buggy, and the eras of fashion that accompanied the development of transportation.

The largest exhibit will be an interurban car, which is a self-propelled railcar that operated on an electric railway. The interurban car is a tribute to Jackson’s motor history. From the late 1800s to the mid-1920s Jackson’s interurban service ran between the city and a former casino at Wolf Lake. This mode of transportation played an important role for Jacksonians during its time by connecting small towns, like Grass Lake, to the larger city of Jackson.

The interurban car that will be on display at the Lost Railway Museum was originally built in 1905 for Chicago’s electric railway. Since being decommissioned nearly a century ago, the car was moved to Wisconsin, until last summer when it was brought to Grass Lake, Michigan. The streetcar is currently being restored to be a replica of the car that operated in the Jackson area.

Want to be part of this incredible museum? Join other community volunteers to help restore the interurban car!

Contact the Lost Railway Museum today to get involved.

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