Experience Motor History at the Model A Car Cruise In

This month’s Cruise In in downtown Jackson is one you won’t want to miss! The Model A Roadsters Club will be there on August 25th, 2017 with their nearly century old automobiles.

There are too many reasons to count as to why you must attend this spectacular event, but here are a few that are sure to toot your horn.

  1. These cars were around during Jackson’s automobile hay day – who knows, maybe one will have a connection to the city’s past.
  2. With nearly 100 years under their belts, each is sure to have a checkered past. Find out what that entails.
  3. The handy work that can be seen on these beauties is not something you will run into every day. Take a minute to look at the details that went into making these cars look like they just came off the assembly line.
  4. They are rare – for one day only you won’t have to go to the Smithsonian to see this piece of motor history, you can come to downtown Jackson, Michigan.

This will be the only time all year that the streets of Jackson will be flooded with so many vintage Fords. Come and see these remarkable vehicles that were created by the genius inventor who forever changed transportation.


Love motorsports? Jackson has plenty of activities that will fuel your passion, check them out! Is history more your thing? Our history goes back long before the invention of the car, and we have had our hand in shaping present day America.   

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