Experience The Town of Christmas

Do you remember waking up on Christmas morning and running to the tree? Sitting at the table with friends and family, singing Christmas carols or enjoying a beautiful, snowy Christmas day?

Nothing could ever replace that feeling, but here at the Town Of Christmas, we want to recreate and spread that Christmas cheer for everyone to experience.

If you’ve been good this year, you’re surely allowed to come down to this little walkthrough town full of spirit and joy.

There are no Bah-Humbugs here.

Step into this beautiful winter wonderland, where snowmen have snowball fights while elves make toys for all the good children of the world and reindeer sing jolly Christmas songs.

Lights will be all aglow, make sure you watch out for that mistletoe! And what to your wandering eyes will appear? But Santa Claus himself, who’s here for this special time of year! Y

ou will be greeted by a whole slew of characters from the grinch to our magic snowman who has come to life just to say Merry Christmas.

We do not have photographers here for you, but that's no reason to go boohoo! We encourage you grab your phone or your camera so all can see, take as many pictures as you like, they’ll become your Christmas memories!

Walk through every scene and see every secret we have to show, like a icy movie theater with comfy seats covered in snow! 

See where all the magic is made and more, here at the Town of Christmas, open from November 23rd to December 23rd and not a day more!

Hours: 4-8pm Friday - Sunday only.

Location: 1310 Wildwood Avenue in Jackson Michigan.

If you have any questions nipping at your nose, you can visit thetownofchrismas.com.

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