Experience Your Hometown: Nixon Water Park

Just imagine. The sun is peeking out, and there’s a slight breeze. It’s a gorgeous day, maybe even a little on the too-warm side. When we get these kinds of days in Michigan, we have to take full advantage. What would make your day just that much more perfect?

Add in the wafting scent of sunscreen and chlorine. The sounds of laughter and splashing. Don’t you just want to jump into a pool of refreshing Bermuda-blue water? Not everyone has a pool, but that’s OK, because Jackson has Nixon Park.

This public pool right in the city of Jackson is complete with a shallow splash area with water features for the little ones to enjoy, and two tall winding slides for the big kids (or the kids at heart like us). And it’s affordable to spend an afternoon there, at just $4 per person for 3-hour sessions or $2 for the 1.5 hour evening session (babies get in free).

The lounge chairs, lifeguards and umbrellas are plenty, the snack bar is full, and the water is great. You can even bring your own lunch and have a picnic. Dive on in with us and see why we recommend this attraction for anyone who’s looking for an afternoon of fun in Jackson for a party, gathering or just because!

Sessions & Admission:


11am-2pm: $4/person

2:15-5:15pm: $4/person

5:30-7:00pm: $2/person


11am-2pm: $4/person

2:15-5:15pm: $4/person

Open through August 18th, 2018

Nixon Park is located at the corner of Cooper Street and North Street in Jackson.

Click here to visit the Nixon Water Park website.


--Written by Scott Clow, K105.3

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