Exploring the Solar System at Hurst Planetarium

An immersive experience that’s perfect for all ages is waiting for you in Jackson, Michigan!

At Ella Sharp Museum’s Hurst Planetarium, you’ll be transported into space, going anywhere you could imagine – maybe the moon, your favorite planet, or the edge of the universe. The Planetarium is your spaceship and Planetarium Educator Andrew Bundas is your pilot, taking you wherever you desire!

Why are Planetariums so Cool?

  1. They can take you anywhere in space regardless of the weather by simulating the sky through a state-of-the-art projector.
  2. It provides students and adults with a better understanding of the mysterious environment our planet is floating in.
  3. You’ll get a rare opportunity to see what space looked like decades ago and years in the future.

Experiencing a Show at Hurst Planetarium

Going to space is comfortable – you’ll sit in theatre-style chairs, while viewing the night sky on the 30-foot dome. Each of the weekly hour-long shows are different from the next, focusing on specific areas of astronomy and tailoring topics to guests’ interests. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time to get your questions answered by the expert, your pilot, Andrew Bundas.

Every week two shows are given, one on Thursday and one on Sunday, and more shows are given during museum events and school breaks. For more information about show times and topics visit Ella Sharp Museum’s website.  


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