Fairy Festival Tips from the Head Fairy

This is Jackson School of the Arts 10th Annual Fairy Festival and as Head Fairy, I have some important facts and tips you'll want to know to have the best time ever.  

What to do before:

The evening before the Fairy Festival opens is the most special event of the year, The Twilight Fairy Gala on April 21 - hopefully you already got your tickets, because this event is sold out for 2017! This is just the 4th year for this event which allows a limited number of guests to enter the enchanted kingdom first and ahead of the weekend crowds. The evening includes a light dinner and dessert, dancing, a special art activity, a performance and as always, an amazing special surprise at the end.  All children go home with a smile on their face and a gift bag with a t-shirt.  This event is a fundraiser for Jackson School of the Arts so you'll be supporting children and the arts in Jackson while making wonderful memories with your family.  

What to expect:  

Kind of like Disney, it can get crowded but the great thing is you don't have to travel by air or drive for 2 days straight. Just like Disney, it is a magic kingdom full of fun. Unlike Disney, admission is free. You will want to bring some money because there are all sorts of activities that cost anywhere between $1 to $5.  In Ye Ole Fairy Shoppe and in the main area vendors will be selling imaginative one of kind things you really need, you'll want lunch which is available for purchase and of course you (aka, your children) will want a treat from the Cupcake Cafe.

Prep yourself for the festival: 

Most, and I do mean most, guests dress up. We've seen it all: fairies, of course, but also princesses, butterflies, gnomes, elves, knights, Peter Pan, and even the Incredible Hulk. At Jackson School of the Arts we will be selling fairy costumes complete with wings during the month of March and April. Practice your fairy or character make up and make a magic wand in our 2-week class with CosPlay expert Candy Shannon.  (April 12 and 19, 6:30 - 7:30) If you are a planner, you can download the 2-day event guide from jacksonarts.org (2 weeks prior to the event) or get one from a fairy guide upon arrival. 

Must do/must see at the event:  

Not to spoil the surprise, but we've got some new attractions this year including Captain Hooks ship. There's a rumor that Tinkerbell will be sharing some pixie dust! On Saturday, the only surviving unicorn in the world will be visiting our Fairy Kingdom. You will want to get a photo, otherwise no one will believe you. The Fairy Festival isn't complete without a carriage ride, don't miss out on this awesome experience!

Where to go after:  

Fairy Festival is an all-day event and by the time you leave you won't want to cook dinner.  Go sit and relax at a downtown family friendly restaurant like The Chase, Dirty Bird, or Junk Yard Dog.  Then go home, wash the face paint off the kids, and pack away those fairy wings...at least, until next year's Fairy Festival.



Author: Kim Curtis

Kim Curtis is the Executive Director for the Jackson School of the Arts, and as she mentions in her blog, she is head fairy for the Fairy Festival. 

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