Fishing in #JacksonMI

Matt Bicknell | Guest Blog | 2-12-2019

As an avid fisherman who has lived in Jackson since I was eight years old, I can honestly say, Jackson, MI is my favorite place to fish. With close to 200 lakes, Jackson provides unique opportunities for most types of anglers.

Recently I started making my own baits. It’s an expensive hobby to get started, but it’s been worth it and really fun. I can’t wait for summer fishing to really test out the worms, frogs and critters that I’ve made. 

Kayak fishing is my go-to method, but anytime I can toss my line into a lake, I’m there. Ice fishing is another favorite, and while the season has been a bit challenging due to weather, I still get out there every chance I get.

Here are a couple of my favorite places to fish in Jackson County, MI.

  • Big Wolf Lake and Little Wolf Lake (Napoleon, MI) – Both of these lakes (which are connected by a channel) are great for large mouth bass, perch and pike. I’ve even caught a bowfin in Little Wolf Lake. There are many public parks with places to launch a boat or kayak.
  • Lake Columbia (Brooklyn, MI) – The channels and deep waters make this lake ideal for both large and small mouth bass. I’ve also had good luck with Walleye in this lake! Many anglers think they need to travel to the Detroit River to catch Walleye, but you can find them in Lake Columbia. Lake Columbia is private, so find a friend who has access to the lake and get fishing!
  • Gilletts Lake (Jackson, MI) – Gilletts Lake (near I-94 and US-127) is great for Bluegill and Perch fishing. This 350 acre lake has a max depth of about 30 feet, is an all sports lake and has public access.

Get fishing!

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