Jackson “A Golf Town”….even in the winter.

I’ve always said that Jackson is a “Golf Town”, and this past weekend surely supported my claim.  The Grande has regularly hosted a “Black Friday” golf scramble the day after Thanksgiving.  This was always just kind of a fun event for friends to get together, so they could say, “Hey I played golf the day after Thanksgiving.” Basically, just a gimmick that would draw 30-50 players.  Somehow battling the elements and golfing in the cold weather was a way for the diehards to show their love of the game of golf.

This year (2017), something beautiful happened with the weather topping out at 51 degrees, people just kept calling until the scramble maxed out. 128 people that could have done anything else with their day off chose golf!  On November 24th they chose GOLF!

This is why The Grande just doesn’t shut down for the winter, and we always say, “we are open year-round weather permitting.”  This is why we offer a Golf Simulator for our customers to play in the winter, and regularly will have players golfing inside on our simulator while we also have golfers playing outside on the course.  When the cold weather comes, Jackson golfers don’t banish their clubs to the garage or basement.  Given the chance, they will choose golf!

In case you didn’t know, there are multiple golf simulators in Jackson, including The Grande, Ella Sharp Park Golf Course and the Chase Sports Bar. Additionally, the Clark Lake Golf Course is opening a new golf simulator in mid-December 2017 and several golf courses, besides us, are open year-round “weather permitting”. This winter when you’re looking for something to cure the blues be sure to choose golf.


Brian Roberts is the General Manager at the Grande Golf Club. The Grande is a public 18-hole course which has been awarded 4.5 stars from Golf Digest Places to Play, and was voted Jackson’s Best Golf Course in 2013.

Published 11/30/17

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