Jackson Civil War Muster - A Summer Main Stay

The Jackson Civil War Muster has been a main stay of Jackson’s summer time events and will be commemorating its 35th anniversary next year in 2019. As one of the largest Civil War Musters in the Midwest; Jackson is fortunate that we have this event that brings in so many people to our community during the summer.

I began my participation at the Jackson Civil War Muster in 1998. Over the past 20 years, I have seen the event go through changes, but it continues to be a part of our Jackson summertime experience.

The Civil War Muster is a free event and held in our parks every year, first at Cascades and now starting a new venue at the Ella Sharp Park. To ensure the Muster continues, we strive to have something for all the public, young and old to enjoy. One of the primary goals is to remind people that the freedom we enjoy today was not easily gained and the development of this country had its trials and tribulations. Another primary goal is to have something for everyone: for the military historian there is the battles. For those interested in the past generally, we strive to show how people actually lived and give hands on activities for the public to enjoy and experience. There are both soldier and civilian reenactors portraying daily life from the past. Combined with food and shopping vendors, music, and other entertainment the Muster hopefully has something for everyone.

Please come out to the Jackson Civil War Muster, if for the first time or continue to visit if you have attended over the years to enjoy this summertime treasure in our community.

Written by Ron Tyrl
14th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment Reenactor

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