Jackson Michigan Leaders Share Their Favorite Reads and Views

By Laura Brown, MLIS, Reference Librarian, Jackson District Library

Anytime is a great time to read a book or watch a movie. So what do Jackson-area leaders enjoy reading or viewing in their spare time? Two key players in our area share their favorites.

Sara Tackett

Jackson District Library Director Sara Tackett enjoys reading in many formats but calls herself a “magazine junkie.” She loves to browse the library’s magazine collection and take a pile of magazines home for weekend reading. Titles range from history to home improvement to current events and genealogy. She also loves the library’s Zinio online magazine collection. (For more information, visit myjdl.com).

Tackett has many favorite authors, such as Jennifer Chiaverini, Annie Lamott, Adriana Trigiani, Gabrielle Zevin and David Sedaris. One of the few books she has read twice is Steven King’s The Stand.  Tackett is fascinated by the idea of what if the world as we know it suddenly changed and people were forced to interact in new ways in order to survive.

Tackett has always loved the movie, Dr. Zivago. “It is such an epic tale of love, hardship and drama, and the music is classic,” she said. Her favorite web site is Goodreads because it is great for discovering new books, finding out what friends are reading and keeping lists of what she has read and what to read next.

Tackett recommends visiting Jackson’s Cascade Falls Park, where she likes to listen to an e-audiobook on her phone while she walks.

Ken Toll

President and CEO of United Way of Jackson County Ken Toll is a news and politics junkie who often reads news online. But he enjoys reading fiction the most—when he has a few uninterrupted hours during vacation or otherwise. He likes to read more than one book at a time, such as a classic work along with a new title that is getting favorable reviews.

Toll has a few favorite books he’s read many times that “continue speaking to me.” This includes Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Toll said, “My American Lit instructor seduced me into changing my major to English by teaching me how to read via this book.” Other titles include The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner because, “once I'd learned how to really read, this book taught me that I still didn't know how to read,” and As I Lay Dying, also by William Faulkner, “because it's a lot like The Sound and the Fury, but much easier (to read) and wickedly funny.”

Toll loves the movies O Brother, Where Art Thou?  and Star Wars (Episode IV) “because they are both great treatments of the Hero's Quest/Odyssey storyline.” He also is amazed by the dialogue in Reservoir Dogs and Glengarry Glen Ross.

Toll’s favorite web site is uwjackson.org, as United Way’s web site tells the story of some of the thousands of people it helps each year.

Toll’s favorite spot to read in Jackson County is in the hammock in his backyard, but he adds, “When caffeine is required, the Jackson Coffee Company can't be beat.”

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