Learn to be a Tourist in your Hometown

When most of us go on vacation we spend a little time before hand looking into the town we are going to. We want to know what locations we are going to have to stop at, the very best local restaurants to eat at, what to do with the kids in case of inclement weather, and a historical stop or two to learn about the history, culture and teach our kids a little something even though we are on vacation. I believe we should be doing the same things in our home towns.

Recently, we were given tickets to a magic show at the Michigan Theatre and I am ashamed to admit before that night I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to an event there.  After that evening I wanted to learn about our historical theatre and made a commitment that I would attend more events there.

The Michigan Theatre opened its doors on April 30th, 1930.  It truly was the destination stop for Jackson featuring vaudeville acts and movies.  When customers entered through the massive doors they were enchanted by the building’s exotic Spanish style architecture, carved walnut furniture, heavy drapes and stained glass light fixtures. As it was the first air conditioned building in downtown Jackson it was a great way for people to escape the summer heat for just a few pennies and enjoy a show.


While the building has undergone renovations and those renovations continue today, you can’t help but see all of the majestic beauty that was and still is there.  The saying, they don’t build them like this anymore certainly applies to the Michigan Theatre. One of the current renovations underway is the installation of new seats.  These seats are wider and offer additional leg room with the added luxury of modern day cup holders.  I can tell you from experience the new seats not only look amazing but they were built for comfort.

While vaudeville isn’t around anymore and it will cost you more than a couple of pennies experiencing a show at our Michigan Theatre are definitely worth the price.  They offer a variety of shows including classic films, art films, kid’s movies with special rates, live productions including magic shows and singer songwriters to community activities. 

So, break out of your cycle and try something new or something you haven’t done in a while.



Author: Valerie Herr

Valerie Herr is a lifelong resident of Jackson County who has worked for non profits for the past 15 years.  She is a mother of two boys and is involved with Rotary, Business and Professional Women, and contributing writer for J.A.C.K.S. and Experience Jackson.

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