Lost Railway Museum to Host a Fundraiser

Uncovering History, One Track at a Time

Before the car, when horses were still the way people got around town, the Interurban railway showed up and changed lives. Folks from rural America took a ride to the city – to shop, to seek medical care or retreat to the lakeside casino; this was the best way to travel.

You may not be familiar with this part of our history. And that’s why we brought it back.  Most interurban systems started in the late 19th century and only operated until the late 1920’s. A very short lifespan for such a significant industry that grew quickly and died just as fast. Most people alive today have never heard of the interurban system. It is the Lost Railway!!!

The Lost Railway Museum will host a fundraiser on Saturday June 24, 2017 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm located at 142 W. Michigan Ave. Grass Lake, MI. The cost to attend is $100 per person. This fundraiser will showcase the progress of the building as well as the restoration of Car #47 replica. Reservations are required.


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