Overcoming Our Strongest Obstacles

Training for any race can be difficult, but training for a race after recovering from an injury can be next to impossible. The important thing to remember is to push yourself without overdoing it!

In 2015, I was in a car accident on the driver’s side that caused injury to my neck, shoulder, and arm on my left side. Right after I was injured the biggest hurdle was realizing day to day tasks were difficult. When I first went back to the gym, my lifting went from 25+ lbs to barely lifting 5lbs. Since then, I have been able to increase my weights, train for longer periods, and run a Tough Mudder!

After an injury, there are a few things you want to remind yourself:

Do Not Overdo It!

This is quite possibly the most important thing to remember. You may feel down that you can’t do what you used to, that is okay. You may want to jump right back into the same workout routine you are used to, that is okay. Remember to listen to what your body is telling you! If your body hurts, that’s your sign to take a break or lessen the weight.

Set Goals!

When setting a goal, it is okay to set a long-term goal but it is also important to set a short term small goal. This will help you feel like you are moving forward and keep track of your achievements. Once you complete that first goal, don’t stop just keep moving forward!

Stay Positive!

Building your strength back can be discouraging at first. The important thing to remember is to stay positive. The best way to improve is by keeping your mind clear of all the negatives. Yes, you may only be able to do five or ten pounds today but two weeks from now you could be doing twice that amount.  

Have Fun!

Finally, have fun with your workouts! This is not a death sentence, you are becoming the best you can be! Try bringing friend with you: not only do they provide a great support system, push you to go further, but they also provide great conversation and entertainment!

Kaiti (left) and Beth (right) are both training for the Michigan Spartan Race in September 2017 at Michigan International Speedway. 

Author: Beth James has completed multiple 5ks, Tough Mudder Full - Michigan 2016, and is currently training for Spartan Race Sprint – Michigan 2017 in September. Outside of running, Beth works full-time as a Financial Assistant for Willis & Machnik Financial and likes to spend her extra time with her family and friends.

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