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This will be my second year competing in the Miss Jackson County RoseQueen pageant and I can truly say I am honored to be in such an inspiring program. This organization has helped me create many life skills that I will take with me throughout life. I have become more confident in public speaking, getting involved and being a strong leader within my community and any other community I stand in. That is really what our program was designed for, to make strong female leaders within our communities. I can strongly say I am a positive role model to many because of this great program.

This year will be the 60th annual Rose Pageant and what an honor it is to compete for this title. Rose stands for Respect, Opportunity, Scholarship and Excellence. The amazing thing about this program is it is way more than a pageant and a competition. The relationships that are built between the girls, the networking and fulfillment gained from the volunteer work is incredible. To carry the Title Miss Jackson County RoseQueen would be life changing not only for me but for Jackson County. My platform is Finding The Leader In You and one thing I really want to push is being unapologetically you. Showing people you can be you and stand for what you believe in and become a strong leader for yourself! This program has taught me so much and I can’t wait to see if one of my sisters or I takes home the crown.

As the day of August 11th roles up for the Miss contestants I will be excited and ready! I prepare for the competition by doing a lot of meditation before the pageant. I focus a lot on my mindset and my health beforehand so I feel confident and calm. I love Jackson, I love this experience and all I get from it. I can’t wait to see who will be the special 60th year winner! Also a big shout out to my amazing director Lynda Waldron and my Sponsor this year, Experience Jackson! Thank you so much for the endless support.

Written by Morgan Bell

Jackson County RoseQueen Contestant & Miss Experience Jackson 


Being known as The Miss Jackson County Teen USA and The Rose Queen are titles that are associated with hard work and dedication to our community. In Jackson County there are many opportunities to become involved and set an example for your peers. All participants in the pageant are assigned a sponsor who helps pay for the pageant and also connects you with community members. Not only does this scholarship program give you financial security but also new perspectives on life. Being a contestant I have been to many volunteering events throughout Jackson. These events have opened up my eyes to my hometown and made me realize how amazing it is to live here, but it has also made me aware that no matter how great something is, it can always be improved. Through this pageant, I have been given the opportunity to give back to my community by volunteering at the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital, Food Pantry, donating food to The Interfaith Shelter, and taking part in many fundraisers. 

Preparing to participate in the pageant is a major stepping stone in succeeding. To begin contestants attend pageant practice every week for two hours with the guidance of the pageant director in addition to sponsoring events. We not only practice our pageant walks but also discuss our platform statement along with our resumes. We discuss about how pageant day will flow and how to prepare for the big day. Yes, we get our hair, nails, and makeup done but this is a small portion of our preparation because being involved in your community and making appearances is very important. One of our first tasks of pageantry was to sell advertisements throughout Jackson to raise money for scholarships which is how we get our funding. On pageant day everyone will receive a book filled with all of our sponsors who helped pay for our rewards and prizes. This program demands hard work but in the end it is all worth it.

Written by Helena Schramm

Miss Jackson County Teen Contestant & Miss Experience Jackson

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