Run with Pride

Like many people, when I first got into running I thought it was a pretty solitary activity. So when I came across places where I could meet other runners, sightsee, train and carb load- I was pretty excited. It also helped me commit more to stay active and discover new places in my community.

Running is a great way to explore a new city or discover new views, people and places of your hometown. As a runner, you may find yourself in a slump from time to time doing the same training plan. Looking for something new or visiting Jackson for the first time? Jackson has a training route for every type of runner. Check out a new race or trail to hit during your visit to Jackson County.

For me, I was born and raised in Jackson. I get bored with the same scenery while running and wanted to keep it fun. I used to discover a few trails that I previously had not visited. Since I am training for the Spartan Race, I needed trails in different levels of difficulty as well. I wanted to share some of my favorite ones below.

1.    MacCready Reserve: There are 3 levels of difficulty and it offers spectacular views. I really enjoyed the blue trail (which is the most difficult of the three). This was my go-to trail when I really wanted to sightsee and I have seen several deer while on my runs out there.

2.    Ella Sharp Park: There are many options when running at The Ella. Some days I ran on the pavement around the park. I met several runners who I got to know this way. We never exchanged names but would remark on the weather or what trails they had seen wildlife on. I also took advantage of the bike trails on the property.

3.    The Cascades: I met so many people at this park! Some were training for the Spartan like me, while others just enjoyed the running paths. It never seems to matter what time I am at this park- there is always something to see, people to meet and ice cream to eat…. Hey, the struggle is real!

4.    Falling Waters Trail: An abandoned railroad that connects Jackson to Concord. Is perfect for training for long distances. If you are like me and have the temptation to stop running mid training on a looped path, you don't have that option with Falling Waters Trail because when you run here, you have no choice but to run back. And if you are looking for a challenge, you can run all the way to Concord. In case you were wondering, that is 21-miles round trip.

Whether you enjoy running on pavement, dirt, hills, or flat surfaces Jackson County has you covered.


Written by Daniel Sharrer

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