Thanksgiving Craft Beer Pairing

Wash down that turkey dinner you have been dreaming about all year with the perfect craft beer brewed in Jackson, Michigan.

Thanks to ‘The Serious Eats Guide to Thanksgiving Beer Pairing,’ we have found some great craft beers to go with your Thanksgiving dinner.

When turkey and other favorites, like sweet potato casserole, are baked in the oven, they undergoe browning and caramelization, creating the perfect match to any brown ale. Grand River Brewery’s Small Town Brown or Poison Frog Brewery’s Nut Brown Ale’s nutty, toasty and caramel notes offer a variety of flavors that will complement nearly everything on your plate.

Dessert Time!

Forget the misconception that beer can't be enjoyed with your dessert too! The trick is to make sure your beer is as sweet(or sweeter) than the dessert it's accompanying. 

Complement a warm slice of pie ala mode with Grand River Brewery's Blood Orange IPA or with Poison Frog Brewery's Pumpkin Ale.

See all of Jackson's breweries.

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