Top 5 Best Places to Train Around Jackson

Beth James is currently training for the Spartan Race this September, read about her top five places to train!

Whether you are registered for your first run or your 100th, the thought of tying up your shoes and taking those first strides can be harder than the run itself. 

Once you have decided you’re going for it and begin to plan your workout, be sure to try someplace you don’t see all day, every day. You’ll find that Jackson has several places all over the county that offer plenty of space, breathtaking views, and allow you to meet new people that have the same goal you do.

Here is a list of my Top 5 Best Places to Train around Jackson:

  1. Sparks Park/Cascades Park

You have the option of 1.3-mile path, 1.8-mile path, or even challenging yourself against the 500-foot hill alongside the six giant fountains that make The Cascades. A big perk to running here for dog lovers like myself is you can bring them along! If Cascades Park doesn’t do it for you, there are 16 county parks and 2 state parks to choose from in Jackson County.

  1. Falling Waters Trail

Why not test your time on the 10.5 miles of non-motorized County Park from Weatherwax Drive to the Village of Concord, Michigan? The great things about this trail are the views and if you should need/want them, the benches placed throughout the trail are perfect break spots. Not to mention, it’s pet friendly!

  1. Playgrounds

No, they aren’t just good for keeping the kids entertained. A lot of obstacle courses have monkey bars involved, require you to climb over barriers, or through tunnels. Why not take advantage of what is already available and have some fun in the process?

  1. Gyms

While making sure you can make the distance of whatever race you might be completing, it is just as important to make sure your strong enough to conquer the obstacles that you may face along the way. Use the equipment the gyms provide, seriously that is what it’s there for!

  1. Local School Track & Field

If a school around you has a (legally) accessible track and field where you can practice your long jumps, use them! If you are training for the Spartan Race, like me, you will be required to jump over or through something (i.e. fire/water). The higher you jump the better you will feel in the long run.

Happy Training!


Author Biography: Beth James has completed multiple 5ks, Tough Mudder Full - Michigan 2016, and is currently training for Spartan Race Sprint – Michigan 2017 in September. Outside of running, Beth works full-time as a Financial Assistant for Willis & Machnik Financial and likes to spend her extra time with her family and friends.

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