Top 5 Photo Locations in Jackson, Michigan

We've seen so many great photos of Jackson lately, from portraits to landscapes, nature, birding, architectural shots and even family photos. A popular spot we see a lot is the old prison wall. Believe it or not the castle like structure makes for some pretty great family portraits. 

Like this family photo at the Old Prison Wall from Instagrammer

We decided to ask local photographer Brandy Chase, of Put a Smile in it Photography to tell us where she likes to take her photos. 

When it comes to photography and shoot locations, Jackson has options to fit every need and every style! You don’t have to look far to find a gorgeous lake to shoot birds, fish and other wildlife.

1. Lakes

Some of my best sunset shots don’t come from Lake Michigan but one of the many lakes but the lakes of Jackson. One of my favorite and what I believe is overlooked lakes is Portage Lake. The park located on Portage Lake Road offers a great unobstructed view of the lake itself, and makes a great location for sunset shoots.

2. Wildlife

But if you’re looking for more shooting of wildlife, of course the Dahlem Center is a fantastic place to walk and enjoy the sights and sounds while you click the shutter. Located off S. Jackson Road it offers a trails that never cease to deliver gorgeous back grounds for senior photography, engagements shoots, family shoots or just nature itself.

Ella Sharp Park

3. Parks

One of my favorite places to shoot family portraits is Ella Sharp Park, located off 4th street. The park itself is majestic with its many trees and gorgeous buildings. Nothing compares to the back drop of trees in fall at Ella, except the vintage buildings at the Ella Sharp Museum that is! Ella Sharp Park in the fall is always stunning and inviting! And it is a great place to photograph your pets!

Ella Sharp Museum

Yet another park with great places to photograph is the Sparks Cascades Park. While the Cascade Falls make an amazing attraction—they also make an amazing place for photos. While it can be tricky to shoot people in front of the falls, it is worth the effort!  If you venture behind the falls you will find the Rotary Bandshell as well as the fountain and fishery. The small fountain with it’s flowing water is a great spot to sit and click!

Cascades Park 

4. Cemeteries

But one of my absolute favorite places to shoot, which may make you shudder, is one of our many cemeteries! While you may think of them as creepy—they are quite the contrary. They offer a quiet place to shoot nature and many well known artist’s works. One of the most well known sculptors of his time, Lorado Taft.  The William A. Foote Memorial, by Lorado Taft, bronze and granite, 1923 sits in Woodlawn Cemetery, off Francis Street. She makes for a magnificent, yet towering subject! But not to be outdone is the many other cemeteries that offer beautiful history and shooting subjects.

William A. Foote Memorial, by Lorado Taft at Woodlawn Cemetery

5. Downtown Jackson

If you seek the city as a back drop more—then heading downtown is the best choice! While you can photograph many of Jackson’s landmarks such as the Michigan Theatre of Jackson, the Clock Tower and our many buildings—don’t forget to look behind them! One of my favorite spots downtown is one that is overlooked by almost everyone—the alley behind Michigan Theatre! It provides a great and unique place for portraits! 

The alley behind the Michigan Theatre of Jackson

The old post office, which is now part of the Consumer's Energy Building is another great spot! It offers a back drop of gorgeous columns and beautiful lighting. This year, many kids from Vandercook Lake had chosen it as the location for their pre prom photos! Making that location--teenager approved!

Consumer's Energy Building formerly the Post Office

But no matter where you choose to shoot in Jackson, you will never be disappointed! We have opportunities to capture beauty all around us, whether you like to shoot people, nature or buildings you will never be sorry when you venture around our lovely city!

Where do you like to shoot photography in Jackson Michigan? 

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