Top Places for Portrait Photography | Jackson, Michigan

It's that time of year when portraits are being taken and families are getting everyone together for a classic family photo.

What do you need to get your next great photo?

  • Choose a great location
  • Put your subject at ease
  • Capture their personality with stunning photos


Location Selection

A very important part of a great portrait is picking the right setting. While many will drive all over to find the best spots, there are hundreds of amazing locations right here in Jackson County.

Portraits & Colors – Downtown Jackson

I select my portrait locations based on colors, surroundings, and the person or people I'm photographing.

Downtown Jackson has many bright and colorful buildings which make for stunning photos. I recommend your subject wear clothing that will create a bold contrast between them and the background or foreground. This really helps the photos pop!

Natural Light and Golden Hour – Cascades Park

If you want to capture the magic of golden hour, book your photo shoot shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. This will create a beautiful and soft glow when photographed correctly. Cascades Park offers many beautiful backdrops for portraits and offers stunning light that all will enjoy!

Capturing Personality – Downtown Jackson and Ella Sharp

We all know the majority of people are uncomfortable having their picture taken or posing. One of the most difficult aspects of capturing a great portrait is communicating the subject’s personality in the final photo. To work through this, make them feel as comfortable as possible. Compliment them, bring a Bluetooth speaker along and play their favorite music, use props related to their hobbies or interests, and lastly, have fun with them! Let the person or family pick a location they are comfortable with for the photo shoot if you don’t have any ideas. Cascades Park, Ella Sharp, and the entire city of Jackson have great spots for any type of portrait or headshot.

Vanishing Points & Portraits

Lastly, a great way to make your subject standout from the background is to use a vanishing point. Personally, I think the alleys in Downtown Jackson create an awesome effect for a bold portrait. Be sure to have the person stand in the middle of the open space, point, and capture an engaging portrait.


--Written By Maury Pauge

Photographer & Designer

Contact Maury at to learn more or book your next photo shoot!


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