Uncovering History One Track at A Time at the Lost Railway Museum

Imagine the time before paved streets, cars and buses. Village streets bustling with activity and people in the early 1900’s of Grass Lake. The electric Interurban Railway System is the primary mode of public transportation. More than six railways intersected Jackson County and delivered visitors to and from Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek and Lansing. Now, get ready to see what that time was like at the Lost Railway Museum.


Exploring two interurban railcars (#29 and #47) and the progression of transportation from horse and buggy to the automobile. See rare and unique artifacts that have been preserved like a self-propelled Velocipede, lanterns, coin collectors, rail ties, photos and so much more.


This part of America’s history faded away as fast as it came to fruition. Uncover this nearly forgotten mode of transportation at the Lost Railway Museum.


Admission is free, with a suggested $5 donation.

Hours open: Wednesday and Thursday 11-4 pm and Saturday’s 9-4 pm


The Lost Railway Museum has a banquet room is available for groups from as small as 20 to as large as 60. The room will comfortably accommodate 8 tables with 6 to 8 guests at each table, with the lobby holding one, or two, 30-inch by 8 foot rectangular tables for registration or reception check-in. Please note that there is an additional rental fee for use of the Museum Reception area if you prefer a “roaming” style cocktail party (stand up), where we can accommodate 150-200 people.


The Lost Railway Museum will be hosting a fundraiser on Friday, May 4th from 6-8 pm at the Lost Railway Museum. Cost is $75 per person. Please join us!!


The museum hosts monthly committee meetings to discuss all of the things happening at the museum such as the restoration progress on #29 and #47, brick and membership sales, volunteer recruitment, attendance, promotion and much more. These meetings are from 9-12 pm on the second Saturday of each month at LRM located at 142 W. Michigan Ave. Grass Lake.


Like all nonprofits, we need volunteers to assist with volunteer coordination, guiding a group tour, front desk help, event/banquet rental assistance and more.

Learn more at  www.LostRailwayMusuem.org

Written by: Angela Machnik, Lost Railway Museum Assistant

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