Water, Water, Everywhere…The Irish Hills Lake Effect

By Cindy Hubbell, Executive Director, Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce

   If Michigan is the Great Lake State then the Irish Hills is the Abundant Lake Region. Not very catchy, but it describes the Irish Hills area and its 52 lakes, yes 52.  The part that is amazing is the 52 lakes are all within 20 miles driving distance. Some of the lakes are man-made, some spring fed, some public, some private, some for watersports, others great for fishing, some bountiful with houses and activity, some quiet and full of nature.  The Irish Hills Lakes have become a “not so hidden” gem of the area, now that the area is rebranding itself as a recreation destination.

     The Irish Hills is one large community but each lake is almost its own small community.  You could  stay on the lake and never leave, finding everything you need right in the shops, restaurants and services that do business on that lake.  For instance, Devils Lake has many shops, services and great restaurants.  Clark Lake not only has great restaurants and stores it has a trail that encompasses the lake, all 7.4 miles of it. The Irish Hills has restaurants with waterfront dining, summer camps and retreats on the lakes, resorts, campgrounds, parks and many marinas.

     Watersports is a favorite pastime in the Irish Hills.  There are many marinas being there are so many lakes, with a couple new ones popping up just this year.  The marinas offer wakeboard clinics, rentals, stand up paddleboard and more. 

     Of course fishing is a big sport in the Irish Hills.  You can find bass, bluegill, bullhead, carp, cat fish, crappie, pike, sunfish, trout, walleye and perch.  There are many tournaments and many fish stocking programs.  The DNR’s free fishing weekend is June 11 and 12 this year.  So if you would like to see what the fuss is all about or introduce someone to this great sport, the Irish Hills has many public lakes and marinas who rent fishing boats.  There are also a couple tackle shops to choose from.

     So if you are looking for the thrill of a speedboat or the tranquility of morning fishing, one of the many Irish Hills lakes might be just what you are looking for.  Visit IrishHills.com for information on businesses in the area, visit IrishHillsRecreation.com for recreational opportunities in the Irish Hills.  

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