What to Look Forward to at MeggaXP

Are you ready for epic cosplay?

Grab your shield, cape, and wig because the countdown has started for this year’s MeggaXP, Michigan’s entertainment, geek, gaming, and arts experience! Join others who share your love of video games, RPGs, board games, or cosplay on September 23rd in Jackson, Michigan.


Besides the celebrity guests, here are a few things to look forward to at MeggaXP:


This year, the fourth floor is dedicated to nothing other than games! Put your thumb skills to the test, as you play your favorite videogame against other strong competitors. Test your knowledge with Video Game Name that Tune or Geekly Feud, a spin on the popular game show Family Feud.


The late nights and all-nighters pulled to finish your costume won’t go unnoticed when competing in the adult, or kids and teens cosplay contest. Show off your costume and your character’s moves on the dance floor at the cosplay ball.

Panel Discussions

Talk with those who are just as passionate as you about topics like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Homestuck. Looking to learn more about a topic? There will be plenty of informative and educational sessions. Last year's included: Confidence in Cosplay, an Introduction to Steam Punk, and Coloring 101.


The area's most talented artists will be at MeggaXP selling nearly anything you could imagine! There will be so many booths, they need two ballrooms to hold them all!


Learn more MeggaXP. Discover other one-of-a-kind events and festivals in Jackson, Michigan. 

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