What You Need to Know About Wine Tasting Etiquette

What You Need to Know About Wine Tasting Etiquette

Wine tastings are great for anyone wanting to learn more about wine, figure out what you like or just try a variety of great wines you might not know about yet. Michigan is known for its delicious wine and Jackson, MI is no exception. With all the wineries in Jackson to go wine tasting, there are a few things you might not think about before going. You might as, "how hard is it to sip wine?" But still, we've done the research for you so you're fully prepared.

Now let's walk through some ways to feel confident in a wine tasting room.

Don't Wear a lot of Perfume

Okay, this sounds weird - but smell is an integral part of wine tasting. It is undoubtedly impossible to perceive and enjoy all the aromas of Michigan made wine when the air is filled with smoke, cologne or perfume.

With that said, be sensible or conscious of introducing any unpleasant fragrance to the wine tasting area. It is only proper wine tasting room etiquette. 

Create A Plan

It can be challenging to know which wines you should try - this is why creating a plan is super helpful!

Perhaps you can obtain a list of the wines or producers at the tasting beforehand. Experience Jackson's website is a great resource. A plan entails looking around through the aisles, trying out light-bodied wines to heavier ones. You can begin with sparkling wines, then white wines, and go your way to taste tannic reds and richer whites.

It is all up to you. Alternatively, you can also go for the classic wines and then explore the unfamiliar.

If you're coming well-prepared with a list of must-have wines or best producers, be sure to allow for some fun. Branch out a bit! If there are wines you haven't tasted before, maybe now is your opportunity.

You've got to try a variety of wines to know what you like. If possible, you can revisit wine tasting areas to learn more about why you like them.

Dress Appropriately

It is important that you dress for the event. Dark colors are best to cover the spills better (haha smile). Additionally, refrain from wearing dangling sleeves so that you won’t cause spills. More importantly, think about the venue of the wine tasting to be wary of the correct dress code.

For women, consider wearing low-heels or flats for comfort. Tie back your hair so that it won’t interfere with your moment. Also, if you are carrying anything, for instance, tablet, smartphone, notebook, or tasting book, be sure to bring a purse to stash it.

Eat Something

Keep in mind that drinking wine on an empty stomach is not a great idea when you're planning to taste a lot of wine. Thus, you won’t get to enjoy and experience the rest of the event. Plan ahead of time to eat something prior to the event. Also, if there is food offered at the event, make sure to eat there as well. Plus, to stay hydrated, drink water in between wines.

Interact with the Winemakers

Wine can be more memorable and fun when you are aware of the story or background behind the bottle. Most of the time winery owners and winemakers  are there, so take the opportunity to talk to them and learn more!

These people are a fantastic resource if you have any questions about wine regions, vintages, grapes or styles.

Don’t Forget to Spit

Of course you'll be trying out excellent wines and undoubtedly, nobody wants to waste wine. However, wine tasting pours could quickly add up. Because of this, you will want to spit wine as you go to pace yourself and get the complete experience of the event. Moreover, if you do not want to finish drinking a glass of wine, you can pour it out from your glass. The wines in Jackson are so good, you may want to ignore this tip. 


Nowadays, wine tastings are increasingly popular since they outweigh or quash the limitations or restrictions of tasting wine alone, particularly at home. At wine tastings, you can make new friends who have the same interest as yours and learn from your fellow wine tasters.

Learning the etiquette of wine tasting will help you feel more confident and more comfortable as you train your palate. Tell us about your wine tasting experience in #JacksonMI!

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