Quiet World Sports

Launch and paddle your way back to simplicity. Once you are out on the water the stress of daily life drifts to the back of your mind, the focus is on keeping your kayak afloat while navigating the shifting waters. This is what life's all about, unwinding and falling back into the natural rhythm – it's time you reconnected with nature and Quiet World Sports can help.

Located on Vandercook lake beach, this sports rental facility has lessons for beginners, group tour options, and enough kayaks to go around. On top of kayak tours, the Quiet World Sports has stand up paddle board tours, stand up paddle board yoga, Pilates on the beach, kayak games, safety and rescue practice, river cleanup, and free fishing weekends! They offer paddling on the Grand River, Vandercook Lake, Browns Lake, Williams lake, and Cove Lake.

Quiet World Sports has been the #1 Kayak school in Michigan for 17 years.

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