Gus Macker

The Original 3-on-3 Basketball Festival of Family Fun!

Gus Macker is back again in the JACK! A Gus Macker Tournament is designed for basketball players who love the fun of the driveway game – male or female, from age 7 to 70-plus. Those who are short and tall, the most experienced or those with little or no experience who just want to play. Through the years there have been 1,421 sanctioned Gus Macker Tournaments presented for over 670,800 teams or almost 2.7 million players and played in front of over 27.5 million spectators. 


The Gus Macker Tournament takes place each July in Downtown Jackson MI. The two-day event allows for a balanced, distributed registration process, spread out gameplay, and establish a vibrant evening atmosphere in the Downtown Jackson community. Nearly two dozen basketball courts spread throughout Michigan Ave, Cortland Street, and Mechanic Street.

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