Hot Air Jubilee

How does fire make a balloon fly? How can something seven stories tall float so effortlessly? Why haven’t I visited the elephant ear stand yet? These are the questions you’ll ask yourself at the Hot Air Jubilee, a jaw-dropping showcase of hot air balloons that’s been captivating visitors for over 30 years.

Magic in Midsummer

Spread out a picnic blanket and prepare for some quality neck-craning on at Ella Sharp Park. Weather permitting, you’ll get the chance to see as many as five launches over the three-day weekend. Morning and evening launches are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, in addition to a final morning launch on Sunday. You’ll watch the entire process of hot air balloon flight: trailer unpacking (they’re tiny!), inflation and eventually, lift-off. Listen to the roar of torches as pilots use colossal flames to control the balloon’s lift.

Look at Them Glow

Friday and Saturday feature a balloon “glow” finale that starts at dusk. With balloons inflated but tethered, pilots alternate their torches to create a giant symphony of light. A night glow offers an entirely new way of looking at hot air balloons — and have your camera out, because it makes for one great photo op.

And That’s Not All

Concessions, craft booths and carnival rides will be placed throughout Ella Sharp Park. There will also be live music and entertainment Friday and Saturday evenings. On top of all that, the Hot Air Jubilee offers admission free of charge, thanks to its local sponsors.

The featured image is courtesy of JTV.

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