Michigan Shakespeare Festival

July | Jackson, MI

Take a Journey

You take your seat just as the lights go down. The curtain rises, and all at once you are transported to a miraculous foreign land:  The battlements of Elsinore castle.  A beach in Illyria.  A blasted heath in Scotland.  A canal in Venice.  A throne room in Sicilia, or Athens, or Egypt.  A street in Rome, or Verona, or Ephesus, or anywhere in all the globe. For three weeks, Michigan Shakespeare Festival will take Jackson, MI visitors on a spectacular journey. 

About Michigan Shakespeare Festival

As the Official Shakespeare Festival of the State of Michigan, the Michigan Shakespeare Festival is a professional Equity theatre company (LOA/LORT) dedicated to producing world-class classical plays. Now in preparation for our 25th Anniversary Season, we perform in Jackson's lovely Baughman Theatre and in Canton's beautiful Village Theatre of Cherry Hill. 


Tickets for the event are on sale now and can be purchased here

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