Awaken presents Leatherface - Night One

October 11, 2019 | 7:00 PM-11:59 PM

Meet actor R.A. Mihailoff, best known for his role as Leatherface in Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III! He will be available for selfies and autographs (one of your own items or choose a print from his selection of personal photos). Convention pricing applies.

We get a ton of questions about our celebrity meet & greets, so here are some of our common answers!

R.A. Mihailoff will be available for meet & greet on THREE NIGHTS! Friday 10/11, Saturday 10/12, and Sunday 10/13. We are expecting massive crowds, so be prepared for longer-than-usual wait times (upwards of several hours).

Your purchase of a General Admission or VIP ticket to the haunt INCLUDES meeting R.A. Mihailoff! You will wait in line to go through the haunt, then get into line to meet R.A. after.

The difference between General Admission and VIP is your wait time. The VIP ticket gets you into the much shorter line to go through the haunt. However, the VIP status only applies to the haunt - there is one line to meet R.A. and your VIP ticket does not get you to the front of his line. Autographs and photos will be available for purchase directly through R.A. - he sets his own prices and is not affiliated with the haunt.

There will be two lines when you arrive - General Admission or VIP. Please get into the appropriate line when you arrive to keep the lines moving smoothly. If you purchased your ticket online, you still do need to get into line to have your purchase verified by the box office and pick up your actual ticket. Go to the VIP line if you pre-purchased your ticket, even if you purchased a General Admission ticket.

You may bring items for R.A. to sign, but remember that you have to carry them through the haunt with you. We do not have a place to store them for you, and there is no reentry allowed once you have exited the building. For the safety of our patrons, metal weapons (machetes, etc) WILL NOT be allowed inside the building. Also, we do not allow costumes, masks, or any makeup/face paint that obscures your face. Awaken is not responsible for any lost or damaged items brought into the building.

Stop by the bathroom BEFORE heading into the building. Once in line, it will be very difficult to navigate through the crowds and it may cause you to lose your place in line. Also, party responsibly! Patrons who have partied a little too hard may be asked to leave, for the safety of our actors and yourselves!

We look forward to bringing you the thrills, chills and scares for this special celebrity event!

* Experience Jackson is not responsible for errors or omissions in the event information. Please contact the event organizer directly for further information, or with any questions.

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