HHAHS Activities During Jackson County FREE Museum Day 2024

May 11, 2024 | 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

May 111 is Jackson County Free Museum Day with HHAHS participation at both Conklin Museum and Heritage Park.

Conklin Museum:

  • Play one of the 100 fully restored antique reed, admire their beautifully ornate cases and marvel at the huge variety of instruments.  That’s just the beginning. 
  • Guided tours will take you through the rest of the amazing 1911 school building with exhibit rooms showcasing local history.
    • Sit in a desk in the early 1900’s classroom or browse the many class and local history photos;
    • Inspect the printing press for the Hanover-Horton Local;
    • Visit the Special Exhibit room with the Fashion and Finery and the new Hanover Horton Area Sports displays;
    • Type on an old typewriter or learn about party lines in the Riske room dedicated to local businesses and services;
    • Make a visit to a neighbor in her 1930’s household with kitchen, living room, dining room, children’s toy room, and bedroom.

Heritage Park: 

  • Go “down on the farm” at Kids on the Farm activity area.
    • Milk Moo-Moo the cow;
    • Gather and grade eggs;
    • Move corn with a hand-operated elevator;
    • Grind wheat into flour;
    • Test your knowledge about farm animals;
  • Visit the 1860’s log cabin.
  • Make a Mother’s Day card and gift
  • Enjoy a wagon ride.
  • Visit the Popcorn Wagon to purchase Popcorn, Pop, Ice Cream, and Candy.

* Experience Jackson is not responsible for errors or omissions in the event information. Please contact the event organizer directly for further information, or with any questions.

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