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Exciting Early 1900's History You’ll Only Find in Jackson, Michigan!

The early 1900s were an exciting time in history that begs to be relived by amateur historians year after year. From automotive advancements to World War I and II, the rich history has shaped our country into what it is today. Jackson, Michigan offers the perfect blend of notable historic landmarks and captivating tales of the past that makes it the ideal destination for a group tour exploring 1900 – 1950.

Early Transportation

Take a trip through the evolution of transportation at the Lost Railway Museum. Here you’ll see the many ways people got from one place to the next in the early 1900s. Experience public transportation from the turn of the century first-hand. Although nearly forgotten, two electric interurban railcars undergoing restoration can be found on display here. Unfortunately, this mode of transportation faded away nearly as quick as it came to fruition due to the mass production of automobiles. This automobile revolution paved the way for 25 car manufacturers to call Jackson home. Ye Ole Carriage Shop, Auto Museum showcases these pivotal years by displaying 18 cars made right here in Jackson from 1902 to 1954.

Life On & Off the Battle Field

Experience what life was like on and off the battle field for many soldiers in World War I and II. The Conklin Reed Organ & History Museum displays local artifacts and 100 antique organs in the old Hanover High School building. Built in 1911, your group will get the unique experience of touring a historic high school while discovering items that were once part of a typical day in the early 1900s, like printing equipment, postal sorting desk, manual telephone switchboard, and so much more! Head over the Michigan Military Heritage Museum to hear fascinating battle stories from the average Joe and Jane. With the most comprehensive array of World War I items in the United States, touring this museum will give you a glimpse into life on the battlefield like never before.

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