Stock up on nightcrawlers and cast a line into the fish-packed waters of Jackson.

For fishing enthusiasts, there’s nothing like a Michigan summer. The warm sun reflects off area lakes, rivers and streams, and you can almost hear the fish calling your name below the surface. Lake frozen over? No problem. Just bundle up, grab an auger and pitch your shanty (just make sure it’s safe). In Jackson, you’ll get good use of that fishing gear all year long.

Lakes Abound

The lakes around here are swimming with activity, from the wide-open waters of Center Lake to the friendly partnership of Vandercook and Brown Lakes. Head up to Waterloo State Recreation Area and explore 11 lively lakes on over 20,000 acres of land. In 2012, the Sparks Park Urban Fishery within the Sparks Park also known as Cascades stocked its water with 500 bluegill and 100 largemouth bass. Now, it provides shore and pier fishing that offer a perfect outing for the casual fisherman. If you really want to put your ice fishing skills to the test, enter the Midwest Open Ice Fishing Tournament, where the winner takes home over $20,000. 

Here are some resources for finding a fishing locations:

Get the Goods

There’s a lot more than worms at Knutson's Sporting Goods. For a treasure trove of bait options, head to Brooklyn and browse a prime variety of worms, maggots, leeches and crickets. When you see the giant Paul Bunyan statue, you’ll know you made it.  Click here to buy your Michigan Fishing License online.

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