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Experience Jackson has launched an app called "Experience Jackson Tours" to celebrate many historic, fun and unique opportunities available in Jackson, Michigan. From the Underground Railroad to Jackson's favorite winery, each tour is designed to be informative and interactive. 

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Bright Walls Mural Tour

Bright Walls is a public art and mural festival showcasing murals in downtown Jackson created by artists from around the world. This tour takes you on a journey exploring magnificent pieces of art  that you can see right here in Jackson.

Underground Railroad Tour

Experience the significance of the Underground Railroad as you go on the self-guided walking tour using the Jackson Underground Railroad app. Henry “Rufus” Evans will tell you about his journey on the Underground Railroad as he takes you around downtown Jackson to visit the historical locations that were significant to him on his journey to freedom.

Jackson Winery Tour

How big is Jackson on wine? On top of wineries galore, we even named Vineyard Lake after the stuff. Drive along a country road and, at some point, there’s a good chance you’ll see grapes growing up and down the area’s rolling hills. Southeast Michigan wines can be spotted at restaurants, bars, party stores, and even breweries across the state — why not sample them right from the source?

Jackson Brewery Tour

The secret is out — Michigan is in the midst of a craft beer renaissance. Locally owned breweries are popping up on every street corner. Some keep to tradition and some conjure up beers you could have only dreamt of. Not that anyone’s complaining about that. A tasty batch of breweries call Jackson home; each one with an individual personality as unique as their beer menus.

Stained Glass Architectural Tour

It is thought that stained glass originated in the Middle East, when cast colored glass was inserted in holes in walls to moderate strong light. Glass was very expensive and rare, often valued as highly as the gems it resembled. This tour will take you to eight stops in downtown Jackson, Michigan each with beautiful stained glass. 

1920's Architecture Tour

The 1920's were a pivotal decade for the United States. Facilitated by the improved coast to coast transportation of goods and people, much of it passing through Jackson, Michigan, the agrarian society that had been the basis of the country was being replaced by growing industrial power. Learn more architecture in Jackson, MI while visiting nine stops downtown that each display 1920's architecture. 

Pioneer Wine Trail Tour

Southeast Michigan’s Wine Region is home to the modern-day vintner, ready to welcome and guide you through your discovery and enjoyment of their award-winning wines. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, rolling hills, fertile fields, lakes and streams. Explore the quaint towns rich in history. Wander amidst antique shops and local boutiques… all along the trail.

Jackson County Museum Tour

It’s no secret that Jackson history has played a major role in the development of the region and the state. Uncovering historic Jackson has never been easier than with our self-guided tour. Spend the day exploring some of Jackson’s unique museums, or take a few days and experience them all!

Five Day Golfing Tour

Golf has been a part of Jackson’s personality for a long time – we’re talking late 1800s. The challenging variety and number of courses paired with fun activities makes Jackson an ideal location for your next golf trip. We even have special hotel rates just for golfers and complimentary help getting group hotel rates.

1850’s to 1900’s Group Tour

Discover a fascinating time in history on the 1850’s to 1900’s Group Tour! Learn about 19th-century pioneer life, Victorian homes, underground railroad landmarks and even see a village set to the Civil War Era. This tour gives you a glimpse into life like it was back then.

Group Tours Exploring 1900's to 1950's in Jackson, MI

Jackson's rich history is waiting for you! Take a few days to explore the many museums, delicious dining and unique hot spots in #JacksonMI. We've got waterfalls, wineries, automotive history and lots of sweet treats ready for you and your group to experience.

Prison History Tour

Your group's adventure begins nearly 200 years ago just outside of downtown Jackson at Michigan's first state prison. The 19 acre facility may look like a castle, but don't be fooled, the 25-foot brick walls were built to keep prisoners from escaping-they learned their lessons after ten inmates escaped in 1840.

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