3 Reasons Why You Should Book a Hotel Block

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When it comes to larger events, booking a room block for your hotel is essential. Not only does it ensure your entire group will be in the same hotel, you often get a discount from the hotel for booking so many rooms. Save everyone the hassle of researching area hotels, calling to see if rooms are available, then reserving their own room by booking a room block for everyone.

3 things you need to know about booking a hotel block:

You can book a room block for anything. Weddings are not the only event hotels will accept room blocks for. You can book a room block for nearly anything, as long as you meet the room night requirements. For your next family reunion, graduation, or funeral, check with a local Jackson hotel to see if you can reserve a block of rooms.

Find out what else is going on in the area. Jackson Hotel

As soon as you know the date of your event, check the community calendar to see what else is going on because you may be competing for room nights with those coming into town for a NASCAR race, concert, or other big event. Don’t forget about the personal events, like weddings and family reunions that won’t be listed on a community calendar. Word to the wise – book early! We recommend planning to book your room block six to nine months before your event. You can pay for the block up front on a “master bill” or individually when someone calls to book his/her room for your event.

Remember the accommodations

Before deciding on a hotel, think about what amenities would be needed and what you will be doing during your stay. This includes shuttle service, the number of handicapped accessible rooms, or if you would like a continental breakfast (and making sure its hours lineup with your schedule). Another thing to consider is if the hotel has a meeting room for everyone to gather in, or if it has an on-site restaurant.

Book Your Room Block Today Jackson Hotel

Experience Jackson makes booking your hotel room block simple by doing all the leg work for you. Using our online hotel block form, you’ll provide us with basic information, like the dates of your event and any guest preferences, then we’ll connect you with hotels that meet your requirements. This is the easiest way to make your group’s accommodations in Jackson, Michigan. Experience Jackson can also offer welcome bags for your out of town guests as well as itineraries for those guests that want to get out and explore.

Published on: 2/26/20

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