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Blue Festival harmonica kids

Events Returning for Summer 2023

Trade in your snow boots for swim goggles because summer is SOON. As the temperatures rise and the kids get out of school, you’ll be itching to get out and enjoy some Jackson County classics. Some of your favorite events are returning for 2023, and we’ve got the summer scoop.

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Jackson County Tower Ballroom

Wedding Planning Made Easy with Experience Jackson

You’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! If it’s early on in your engagement, you’re probably overwhelmed with the list at-hand. Venue, flowers, music, don’t sit THIS guest with THAT guest, even the endless plated vs. buffet debate. You may have all the help at your fingertips, with a world full of wedding planners and sometimes overly helpful aunts. How easy would it be if you could just plug your needs into a website and find just what you need? On Experience Jackson’s website, you can!

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