Highlighting Jackson’s Black-Owned Businesses

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Read about Black-owned businesses that make up the community!

The community of Jackson is so lucky to have such a strong local business scene. We wouldn’t be who we are without the businesses that make Jackson strong and unique. With this month being Black History Month, we want to recognize just a few of the incredible black-owned businesses that make Jackson the rich community it is. We want to recognize and build up these businesses, not only in February but every month of the year.

Curious how you can take your favorite dish to the next level? Dancy’s Fancy Butter has just the thing for you, that thing being just that – butter. Not just any butter, oh no. Dancy’s Fancy Butter provides creamy, gourmet flavored butter made with swirls of cinnamon, fresh herbs, and honey from local bees. It will turn any basic dish from “yum” to “delicious!”

Dancy's Fancy Butter

Speaking of delicious, Kenikakes is a local personal chef and catering service that provides detail-oriented customer service that strives to create an experience your tastebuds will never forget. Their menu offers classics like pot roast and baked chicken and even Cajun-smoked dishes.

If you’re feeling like some wings, catfish, or chicken Philly, try out the new location of Ray Rob’s Wingity Ann’s. You’ll find them “Serving up a LOVE for food” at their new location in the main entrance of Westwood Mall in Jackson. Did we mention peach cobbler?

Wingity Ann's

Planning an event? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Leave it to Worthy Occasions LLC. After just one consultation, you’ll be ready to leave your next birthday party, shower, or even wedding in Tonja’s hands. Worthy Occasions is known for creating elaborate tablescapes to suit any event vision.


Okay, maybe you’re planning an event, but maybe not something too fancy. Maybe you’re looking for an element of fun. Joystick Mobile Video Gaming & Foam Parties has just what you need; it’s right there in the name. Rent some oversized lawn games for your next barbecue or go BIG and go with a foam party.

People playing games

Strong women are a necessity in every community, that’s why Jackson is especially lucky to have a nonprofit like Partial to Girls. Partial to Girls is a group of diverse women, taking action in the community to bring change and impact lives. This group helps those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, poverty, and other social inequalities. Learn more about Partial to Girls here.

Women are powerful. Women are strong, and Sisterhood of Strong strives to instill that message in every woman. Sisterhood of Strong offers nutrition, small group fitness classes, one-on-one training, and more. Theresa Horne, Founder of Sisterhood of Strong, inspires women daily by featuring motivational speakers on her website and by hosting events meant to empower. Her website even offers a variety of wellness tips, like building your immune system, healthy baking swaps, and much more. Contact Theresa for an 8-week class package for just $80 here.

There are many other black-owned businesses out there, so don’t hesitate to get involved and recognize the black community and how they make Jackson the incredible city it is.

Written by Olivia Pageau, Marketing Specialist

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