The Best Brunch Spots in Jackson

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Whether you’ve rolled out of bed on a weekend and don’t want to run to the store for some eggs or are meeting up with some longtime friends for a catch-up, Jackson has the brunch spot for you. A plate of crispy bacon and hashbrowns placed in front of you is never the wrong choice, so here’s where you can make your next brunch plans.

The classic breakfast goers are going to want to sit down and a more traditional joint. Roxy Café lives by the motto “We make it, we don’t open it,” guaranteeing freshly made daily breakfast you’ll love. With omelets, breakfast jambalaya, and pancakes stacked high, you can’t go wrong! Just don’t walk in the front door. (*Wink*)

Roxy's Cafe

Another delicious spot for a traditional breakfast is West End Farm to Table. However, if you’re looking to put a bit of a spin on that classic breakfast, West End offers plenty of bacon and egg avenues. Hop over to the West End for some quiche Lorraine, corned beef hash, and a potato platter that will have your mouth watering.


Maybe you’re in the market for a much more relaxed, café setting. For a quick, laid-back brunch, head to Vito’s Espresso for international coffee blends and pastries. With Italian-made espresso at the heart of their café drinks, each sip will transport you into a cozy state of mind.

Sweet or savory? That’s always the dilemma when sitting down for breakfast. Hate to break it to you, but at City Crepes that option is just a bit more difficult. With a wide selection of both sweet and savory crepes, it’s hard to just choose one. Their Main Street is made with cream cheese, tomatoes, turkey, bacon, and spinach, while their West Side is stuffed with cream cheese, strawberries, and brown sugar. See what we mean?

Eggs Benedict

If you’re planning a brunch and want to make it something special, hop over to downtown Jackson to Grand River Brewery or Veritas for one of their weekend brunches. Enjoy an egg’s benedict with a bloody Mary on the side at Grand River, or a salted caramel cold brew cocktail with some lemon souffle pancakes at Veritas. It’s a shame these incredible brunch options are only served on the weekend.

Hungry yet? Say no more, and head over to one of Jackson’s many brunch spots to get your fix.

Written by Olivia Pageau, Marketing Specialist. Brunch is her favorite meal, can you tell?
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