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You’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! If it’s early on in your engagement, you’re probably overwhelmed with the list at-hand. Venue, flowers, music, don’t sit THIS guest with THAT guest, even the endless plated vs. buffet debate. You may have all the help at your fingertips, with a world full of wedding planners and sometimes overly helpful aunts. How easy would it be if you could just plug your needs into a website and find just what you need? On Experience Jackson’s website, you can!

Jackson County is home to a wide variety of wedding venues, from historical to rustic, we’ve got everything you could want, right in town. Using Experience Jackson’s Venue Finder, you can find the perfect backdrop that will help bring your wedding vision to life. Not sure what Jackson has in-store? Let us show you.

For the history buffs, consider one of Jackson’s many historic venues. Ella Sharp Museum is not only rich with history and beautiful spaces to fill with loved ones, but incredible grounds to take photos. If you’re a sucker for antiques, buildings that make you feel like you’ve been transported to the past, and have an itch for some stunning outdoor photos, look no further than Ella Sharp Museum, or even their Rose Garden for an intimate outdoor ceremony.

Ella Sharp Museum

Rustic has a lot of connotations, depending on the vision. It could mean the country wedding of your dreams, with sunflowers, wagon wheels, and darling farmhouse touches. On the other hand, it could also hint to an a more industrial feel, with exposed brick or vintage wood beams that warm up a space. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find a couple options in Jackson County. At ART 634, their carriage factory offers the rustic blank canvas of your dreams, begging for you to add your own personal touch. Forty Nine South’s old schoolhouse also offers a vintage feel, with modern amenities like Edison lights, that frame their event spaces.

Forty Nine South

There are some spaces that you’ll only find in Jackson County. Those being the County Tower Ballroom, Weatherwax Hall at Jackson Symphony Orchestra, or Cascades Manor, just to name a few. Some spaces you may pass every day on your commute but have no idea the beautiful spaces they hold. The County Tower Ballroom offers huge stained-glass windows that perfectly complement the stunning, original ceiling. For a similar feel, but more of a city-feel, consider the ballroom in the upper level of Veritas. That’s right, Veritas isn’t just a great spot to visit for date night or happy hour, their ballroom makes for the perfect spot for your guests to dance the night away, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Michigan Ave.

Weatherwax Hall

Food, for some, is arguably the most important part of your reception. It will definitely be one of the major pieces your guests remember. There’s certainly no shortage of great local caterers. Big Guy Catering is a Jackson classic, serving up your favorite comfort foods and upscale dishes, often with a delicious twist. They even offer crowd-pleasers for events, like taco bars, and who doesn’t love a taco bar? Sylvia’s Catering is known for their decadent foods with even more impressive displays. Their arrangements are often something too pretty to even eat, but after one bite, you’ll be glad you did.

Food on table

What is a wedding without something sweet? The Five Forks creates beautiful, unique desserts that are bound to impress any guest. They’re known for their adorable cakesicles, intricately piped cupcakes, and yes, cakes! Take your dessert table to the next level and let The Five Forks do their trick. For more sweet, small bites, The Blue Julep is also a great local spot to get those special desserts that will wow your guests. Their personalized cookies are made-to-order for each occasion, especially your bridal shower!


After your big day, you’re going to want to relive it again and again, and the best way to do that is through your photos. Though there’s no shortage of photographers these days, Chelsea Lusk Photography provides a fresh, airy style to her photos that will brighten up the walls of your home. If you’re looking to get your soon-to-be-spouse something a bit more…exciting for a wedding gift, check out Cate Autumn Studios for a private boudoir session.

Here’s a wedding detail that probably isn’t top of mind: hotel blocks. Luckily for you, we can take care of that for you! Just click [here] to fill out the form on our website. There are 16 hotels in Jackson County to choose from, fit for any budget. It’s that easy!

There are obviously so many more vendors beyond just the venue, caterers, and photographers, but that’s also where we can help! Contact us and let us know your needs, and we will connect you with the perfect fit for your wedding. Happy planning!

Written by Olivia Pageau, former Wedding Professional and current Marketing Specialist
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