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Jackson County, Michigan, is making significant strides towards becoming a more accessible and inclusive city, thanks to the generous sponsorship by Experience Jackson. With the support of Experience Jackson, a minimum of 5 hotels, 5 restaurants, and 5 attractions in Jackson County are now certified as an AbleVu Accessible City, actively sharing accessibility information on AbleVu, and enhancing the experiences of residents and visitors with disabilities.

AbleVu, a leading provider of accessibility information and search features, offers an innovative platform known as “Able Profiles.” These profiles go beyond the typical business website, providing extensive information that empowers individuals with disabilities to plan their visits with confidence and ease. Each Able Profile includes information such as virtual tours, photos, text information, and a list of accessibility features, as well as an opportunity to privately ask accessibility questions directly to businesses. 

Key highlights of Jackson’s partnership as an “AbleVu Accessible City”, sponsored by Experience Jackson, include:

  1. Enhanced Accessibility Information: Jackson County  is committed to improving the accessibility of its hotels, restaurants, and attractions by sharing essential details such as wheelchair accessibility, accessible restrooms, parking facilities, and more.
  2. Empowering the Community: Residents and tourists with disabilities will have access to comprehensive accessibility information, empowering them to plan their visits with confidence and ease.
  3. Cost-Effective Accessibility Solutions: AbleVu provides an economical and straightforward way for businesses to create accessibility landing pages, making them easily discoverable on the AbleVu platform.
  4. Inclusivity and Awareness: By actively participating in AbleVu’s accessibility initiative, Jackson County  and Experience Jackson are promoting inclusivity and raising awareness about the importance of accessible facilities and services.
  5. Streamlined Accessibility Search: AbleVu’s platform allows users to search for accessible locations, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time in Jackson County to the fullest.

Experience Jackson’s sponsorship of this initiative underscores the organization’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience in Jackson and creating a more accessible and inclusive city.

“We are immensely grateful for Experience Jackson’s support in making Jackson County, MI, a more accessible destination,” said Meegan Winters, CEO of AbleVu. “Their sponsorship allows us to amplify our impact, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have the information they need to explore and enjoy the County.”

Experience Jackson is dedicated to showcasing the vibrant culture, diverse attractions, and natural beauty of Jackson County, and this partnership with AbleVu aligns perfectly with their mission to make Jackson an accessible and welcoming destination for all.

“Ensuring Jackson County is accessible to everyone is critical to our mission to make Jackson County a must-visit destination,” said Ryan Tarrant, President and CEO of Experience Jackson and the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. “This collaboration is a significant step towards achieving that goal, and it is our hope that this partnership ensures equity of access for individuals to plan their trip to Jackson County”.

The partnership between Jackson County , AbleVu, and Experience Jackson signifies a united commitment to fostering inclusivity, increasing awareness about accessibility, and creating an even more inviting environment for individuals of all abilities.

For more information about AbleVu or to explore accessibility information in Jackson County, please visit

About AbleVu

AbleVu is a leading provider of accessibility information services, dedicated to improving accessibility awareness and inclusion. By providing businesses and organizations with an affordable platform to share accessibility information, AbleVu empowers individuals with disabilities to access essential information and services with ease.

About Experience Jackson

The mission of the Jackson County Visitors Bureau (DBA Experience Jackson) is to strengthen the positive perception of Jackson County as a must-visit destination to increase revenues and stimulate economic development and growth for the community. 

They are committed to making Jackson a vibrant and welcoming destination for visitors of all backgrounds and abilities. Visitor information can be found at

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